PLATYPUS - PlatyPreserve

Portable, flexible 800ml wine bottle that preserves flavour of your wine.
• Portable: These flexible and collapsible containers offer an easy, lightweight alternative to glass bottles for transporting and enjoying wine wherever you go.
• Maintain flavour: Food-grade lining of the PlatyPreserve is 100% taste-free, preserving the taste of your wine. Dark exterior graphics also preserve flavour by minimising light exposure to your wine.
• Maintain freshness: Remove excess air by lightly securing cap and expelling it out the top before screwing on the cap tightly for an airtight seal.
• Dependable: Durable materials ensure superior leak protection.
• Angled Spout: Provides an easy filling and pouring experience.
• Enjoy more wine longer: Transfer unfinished wine into the airtight reservoir to protect the wine's flavour, letting you continue to enjoy it days or even weeks later.

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Barcode - 040818109687

Country of origin - US

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Manufacturer part no - 10968

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