BUFF® Safety

Designed in one piece and without any seams to obtain maximum comfort preventing skin irritation.

Made of one natural Merino Wool layer of 125 gr/m² weight.

BUFF® light weight merino products are made from 100% sustainable eco fabrics for maximum comfort, warmth and thermo regulation properties.

Products created using fabric stretchable in all directions for an improved comfort and better fit.

Made of two Merino Wool layers: 600 gr/m² total density (300 gr/m² each layer). BUFF® heavy weight merino products are made from 100% sustainable eco fabrics for maximum comfort, warmth and thermo regulation properties.

BUFF® professional products built and designed to reduce the effects of static  electricity. Designed for workers requiring anti-static protection in settings with risk of burns due to thermal hazards. Anti-Static products are ideal for Utilities, Petro-Chemicals, Telecom workers, Army, Special Forces among others.

BUFF® Arc Protect professional products are ideal for jobs related with electrical industry. Protects from thermal risks or hazards caused by arch flash, in addition to being protected from heat, flames and thermal hazards.

A brushed techno-fabric that provides excellent breathability and is particulary pleasant on the skin. The Brushing treatment it undergoes increases its thermal insulation power, creating a sort of protective cushion. Made in Italy.

95% recycled polyester microfiber featuring ultimate moisture management properties, cooling effect, UV UPF+50 protection and ultralight weight.

Made using recycled materials bottles, approximately 2.5 per BUFF®. 

Machine Washable 40°C normally, can go up to 60°C for COVID19 cleaning.

Knitted fabric that forms a special honeycomb construction with highly breathable properties, polyester material. Dries quickly even in the highest intensity activity.

Top technology by GORE® providing totally windproof protection and breathability. Reduce chilling effect and avoid overheating risk. This is not a waterproof fabric.

Technical Fleece from GORE®  providing warmth and comfort by combining total
windproofness and maximum breathability.

HeiQ Smart Temp is fabric treatment that creates intelligent thermoregulating technology triggered by body heat. HeiQ cooling technology can be found in all BUFF® COOLNET UV+® products.

HeiQ Viroblock is an intelligent Swiss textile technology that is added to the fabric during the final stage of the textile manufacturing process.

Tested effective against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19):

- HeiQ Viroblock NPJ03 has been tested effective 99.99% in 30 minutes against SARS-CoV-2, the COVID-19 causing virus
- Residual virus infectivity tested according to a modified ISO 20743 method (Sendai virus), rapid antiviral effect demonstrated within 2-5 minutes
- Tested according to ISO 18184 as strong antiviral and ISO 20743 as strong antibacterial against enveloped viruses and bacteria,
- Certified as safe and sustainable as all its ingredients are cosmetic grade, bio-based (72% bio-based carbon) and recycled,
- EU REACH and US FIFRA compliant, OEKOTEX® certified, ZDHC and bluesign® homologised
- Treated textile articles are compliant with EU BPR and US EPA,
- Suitable for all fibre types, from medical nonwovens (e.g. face masks) to fabrics for clothing and home textiles
- For washable fabrics: Lasts at least 30 gentle washes at 60°C,
- Resists on wool up to 5 dry cleanings,
- Hypoallergenic, provides a self-sanitising and germ resistant surface,
- Patent pending antiviral and antibacterial technology.

HeiQ Viroblock NPJ03 is among the first textile technologies in the world to be proven effective against SARS-CoV-2 in the laboratory. SARS-CoV-2 is an enveloped virus from the coronavirus family that causes COVID-19.

Tests have been conducted by HeiQ with the Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity in Melbourne, Australia (Doherty Institute).

HeiQ Viroblock is designed to inhibit the growth and persistence of bacteria and enveloped viruses on textile surfaces. It’s a unique combination of our registered silver technology for antiviral and antibacterial effect and our vesicle technology as a booster.

Inner silicone fabric band to provide a good grip and a perfect fit.  Designed for high-intensity activities and sports either indoors or outdoors or just daily life.

Ideal product for chemical, petrochemical and other  industrial workers. It is also suitable for police officers, military personnel, fire fighters and all the workers who require protection from heat, flames, thermal hazards and potentially explosive substances, in variable weather conditions.

BUFF® products made from Nomex® are resistant to fire and antistatic, certified as Personal Protective Equipment under the
standards EN ISO 13688/13, EN ISO 11612/15 and EN 1149-5/08.
It is also certified according to the UNE-EN 15614/07 Wildland Firefighting clothing

Primaloft® is a soft and lightweight insulation technology that is wind resistant and breathable. It is as warm and soft as down and compresses like down, but it has superior water repellency to standard down and is thermally efficient even when wet.

Polyester fabric made using clear recycled plastic bottles. Do more Now and help creating a better world to enjoy. Technology supplied and certified by REPREVE®. Aproximately 2.5 bottles per BUFF®

Designed to improve visibility in low-light conditions. Retro-reflective tech will glow when receiving light but will not look reflective at other times.

In-house developed fabric that brings together the knitting tradition at BUFF®with technical yarns from our partners at Primaloft. The result is a extremelythin, lightweight fabric retains body heat while wicking moisture away.4 times warmer than microfiber.

 UPF50 and UPF50+ certified sun protection against ultraviolet (UV) radiation produced by the sun. Samples of fabrics have been tested for UV Protection in accordance with AS/NZ 4339:1996 achieving the result of UPF>50 (98% UV Protection). Protection may be lessened if fabric is wet, stretched or old.

GSI Outdoors

GSI Bugaboo Range is an  exceptional blend of performance + value.


- Excellent value
- High efficiency
- Even heat distribution

Glacier 304 (18/8) Stainless steel's unrivaled durability and superior heating characteristics allow it to cook evenly over any stove or flame - It's Fire-proof, rust-proof and scout-proof!


- Ultimate durability
- Ultimate reliability
- Fire-proof, dishwasher safe
- Free of bpa, PFOA, Phtalates

Halulite says goodbye to scratches, burn circles and grams. Supremely lightweight, Halulite is a proprietary alloy that also conducts heat better and more evenly than Titanium—so you can leave the extra fuel at home.

Unlike competitors’ cookware, our hard anodised shells are fully formed before hard anodising, creating a garnet-hard surface that fully encapsulates our even-heating aluminium core. This creates a base shell that boasts that withstands scratches and abrasions like nothing else. It's ultra light without the sacrifices.

- Impervious to scratching and abrasion

- Safe for all utensils

- Maximum thermal efficiency - Completely fuss-free

- Extremely lightweight

- Excellent reliability and heat distribution

Premium, gourmet non-stick performance from GSI.


- Excellent durability
- High efficiency
- Even heat distribution

What do we find when we’ve stripped away all the layers? What lies beneath the slick surface and shiny exterior? Well, if we’re talking about Bugaboo, it’s highly-conductive, lightweight aluminum. Honest, dependable and more attractive than ever.

Bugaboo is the dependable, non-stick option for all your outdoor cooking needs. These high-quality aluminum pots and pans are light enough for backpacking, yet heat evenly enough to satisfy the most demanding camp cook. On the outside, the durable, high temperature paint on Bugaboo series cookware protects the aluminum core from both abrasion and oxidation and provides a beautiful, gloss finish.

High-Temperature Painted Aluminum features:

- Lightweight

- Even-heating

- Brilliant, gloss finish

GE Lexan plastics – virtually unbreakable UV resistant crystal clear polycarbonate that will stand the test of time and have your RV looking sharp day in and day out. GE Lexan plastic is recognized as the gold standard in the polycarbonate industry, is 100 times stronger then glass

nFORM Crossover products are colour-coded to coordinate with other items within the GSI nFORM range for easy, personal identification of your gear.

In order to reach the top, you ask the most from yourself and your gear. You need the absolute best, the most efficient, highest-performing gear which can take any punishment and still perform like new. You need Pinnacle. Nothing else even comes close.

Pinnacle series cookware uses Teflon® with Radiance technology which has been tested and approved expressly for campware use. The secret lies in a specially-formulated topcoat engineered to enhance heat dispersion and virtually eliminate hot spots. Moreover, the three layer coating was built to survive the toughest conditions and boasts an unprecedented level of scratch and abrasion resistance. It’s even safe for use with most metal utensils.


- Maximises Heat Distribution at 400°F/205°C

- Abrasion Resistance: 5000 Cycles

- Teflon with Radiance Technology

- Scratch Resistance: 1000 Cycles

- Hard Anodised Aluminium

- 25% faster than traditional non-stick coatings to heat to 205°C


- Ultimate durability

- Ultimate efficiency

- Ultimate heat distribution

- Unimaginable performance


-Two layer coating

- Good scratch & abrasion resistance

- Good non-stick performance

- Made without using PFOA

DuPont™ Teflon® Radiance Nonstick Coating Technology.


- Reaches temperature 25% faster
- Maximum heat distribution + evenness
- Three layer coating
- Unprecedented scratch + abrasion resistance
- Exceptional non-stick perfomance
- Safe for use with most metal utensils
- Made without using PFOA


DuraShield is a polyurethane and or silicone DWR finish applied to some MSR rainflys and floors, this allows the tents to withstand the wind, rain, and the other rigors of the outdoors without tearing or getting waterlogged.

Over time, moisture, heat and humidity have been chemically breaking down your tent’s waterproof coating and seam tape—both as you’ve been using it and storing it—leaving you with a defeated tent.

This natural process, called hydrolysis, happens much more quickly on today’s lightweight tents, an issue that’s been frustrating the tent industry for more than a decade.

For 10 years, the MSR tent team has had nose to the grindstone—in the lab, talking to scientists—searching for a solution. Searching for the key to extending the life of your tent’s waterproofness.

The magic is at the molecular level. Xtreme Shield’s polyurethane features a molecular chain that’s formulated specifically to hold up against heat and humidity. Therefore, it resists the premature degradation that traditional tent polyurethane coatings experience. For you, this means a tent that lasts much longer, with a quality that’s maintained over time. In fact, this waterproof coating is 3 times more durable than standard coatings, giving you reliable weather protection season in and season out. With the Xtreme Shield waterproof coating and a far more durable stitched and factory-sealed seam, we’re proud to say MSR’s lightweight tents deliver our superior quality for longer—staying in the field, out of repair shops and out of landfills.


SealLine's unique and waterproof PurgeAir™ valve vents trapped air, helping the sack compress further after being sealed, and is both more durable and more reliably waterproof than waterproof/breathable fabric membranes.


For those who use technical Petzl ice axes and crampons, ALPEN ADAPT
provides you with a modular system to easily switch out different
components and meet your specific needs in the mountains. Easily switch
out the pick of your ice axe when you need to move from alpine terrain
to ice and mixed climbing. You can also change the accessories to shed
weight, or add functionality for different types of terrain.
When it comes to crampons, you can change the front sections to better
suit glacier travel, technical mountaineering, or ice climbing; change
the bindings to suit approach shoes or mountaineering boots; you can
even change the rear section for greater durability or lighter weight.

Specific coil makes the rope ready to use. Helps the user avoid initial uncoiling mistakes, and increases longevity. Ready to use out of the packaging.

Dry treatment, making the rope more resistant to water, dirt and abrasion. Handling, grip and other characteristics are retained longer in cold, wet conditions.

This construction combines thin foam with special (variable width) webbing sewn onto the foam for optimal load distribution. The waistbelt webbing is wider at the hips for lightweight support. Special attention has been given to providing maximum comfort: there are no pressure points or rub points on the waistbelt. ENDOFRAME technology is used on SAMA, SELENA, ADJAMA and, LUNA harnesses.

Special treatment stabilises the core strands and improves consistency. Provides excellent grip and handling over time.

The FACE2FACE function allows users to be face-to-face without blinding one another...

Once activated, it triggers a sensor that detects other DUO headlamps within 8 meters and automatically dims the lighting if they face each other. The light returns to its original intensity once the other headlamp is no longer in its line of sight.

Watch Face2Face Video

This construction forms the core of CORAX, CALIDRIS and TOUR harnesses, and combines a thick layer of foam with central webbing on the waistbelt and leg loops. The load is distributed by the webbing that surrounds the foam. The construction allows for great durability and comfort during prolonged suspension on a climb.

This construction uses thin thermoformed foam and doubled interior webbing for greater comfort and lightness. The webbing on the waistbelt and leg loops, as well as the strength elements (tool-holder attachment), are integrated into the foam to eliminate hard points. Further, a thin piece of fabric is fused to the waistbelt foam for better weight distribution. All this gives the harnesses smooth and clean exterior surfaces without adding thickness, for improved abrasion resistance. FUSEFRAME technology gives the HIRUNDOS and AQUILA harnesses a clean, smart design that is light and comfortable.

The HYBRID CONCEPT construction allows Petzl's compact headlamps to run on either the CORE rechargeable battery or three AAA/LR03 batteries, without an adapter.
- CORE rechargeable battery is an economical solution for frequent and/or intensive use
- AAA/LR 03 batteries for occasional use, with very long burn time.


Indicates the middle of the rope to facilitate safe practices and assist with rappels and belaying.

The MyPetzl Light mobile app is a simple and quick programming option: the user now has real-time info on all lighting parameters (burn time, power, modes) and can adjust them as needed, via smartphone or tablet.

Available on REACTIK + and NAO + headlamps. Free download at App Store and Google Play. More info at petzl.com

This exclusive technology, developed by Petzl, instantly provides the right lighting at the right time, without any need for manual operation. Burn time is thus optimized and the user can engage in his or her activity with peace of mind. REACTIVE LIGHTING technology offers:
- intelligent lighting
- hands-free lighting for greater convenience and performance
- longer burn time

Available on REACTIK, NAO, REACTIK + and NAO + headlamps.

Petzl goes beyond the requirements of the standards by creating climbing and mountaineering helmets that provide effective protection from falling objects and from side, front, and rear impacts.
This enhanced protection is tested using a special protocol: TOP AND SIDE PROTECTION = 1. Standard Protection + 2. Enhanced Protection.

The UIAA Guide Dry treatment is our most complete water repellent treatment for frequent use in wet environments. It makes a difference especially for regular use in extreme environments: ice climbing, mountaineering. This treatment also improves the rope's resistance to dirt and abrasion.

The UIAA Guide Dry treatment meets the requirements of the UIAA Water Repellent test. The results of this test indicate water absorption of less than 2%.

The manufacturing process for UIAA Guide Dry treatment has two stages: the core
is treated before the rope is braided, and then the entire rope is treated in order to minimise water absorption and penetration of fine particles into the rope.

Ultrasonic welding bonds the core and sheath together at the rope ends. Gives greater durability and avoids frayed ends.

WIREFRAME technology uses high-modulus polyethylene (HMPE) strands. These strands are used in the waistbelt and leg loops to optimally distribute pressure, ensuring maximum comfort and freedom of movement for the climber. This construction gives the harness an exceptional weight-to-comfort ratio that makes it practically unnoticeable when worn. WIREFRAME technology, applied to a very sleek design with very slim technical lines, is perfectly suited to high-performance SITTA and ALTITUDE harnesses.


Therm-a-Rest's patented BowFrame™ cot design converts lightweight poles, stretch-free fabric and unique cot feet into a tension-spring system that holds the cot together and provides superior, off-the-ground sleeping comfort and support. When used, the cot’s bow poles are designed to flex until the middle of the pole contacts the ground, offering the user greater stability while still maintaining flex for comfort.

Providing the same reduced weight as our vertically cut foam, our diagonal cuts also boost warmth by minimising airflow.

Open cell foam structure traps air to deliver a higher R-value foam that provides consitent support and durability.

NikWax Hydrophobic Down dries 3 times faster than untreated down without using dangerous PFCs. Boasting unrivalled temperature regulation, it dries three times faster, absorbs 90% less water and maintains loft 60 times longer than untreated down.

The Responsible Down Standard is an independent, voluntary global standard, which means that companies can choose to certify their products to the RDS, even if there is no legislation requiring them to do so. The RDS was developed and revised over three years, with the input of animal welfare groups, industry experts, brands and retailers. The standard recognizes and rewards the best practices in animal welfare.

What does Responsible Mean?

The intent and spirit of the standard is best reflected by one of Oxford Dictionary’s definitions of responsible: “morally accountable for one’s behaviour.” Not only farmers, but brands and supply chain members need to meet their obligations to respect the Five Freedoms of the animals that provide their down and feathers, and to meet the trust of consumers that are choosing RDS products.

Inflate your SpeedValve™ mattress 2-3 times faster than traditional valves.

Bernoulli's Principle of fluid dynamics helps explain why a SpeedValve™ mattress inflates so quickly. The specially designed valve uses physics to fill the mattress with more air than your breath alone.

When you blow into the valve from several centimetres away, your breath sends fast-moving, low-pressure air through the neck of the mattress, causing the static, high-pressure air outside the mattress to rush in to equalise the pressure.

Put simply, every breath pulls in surrounding air molecules to amplify the airflow and inflate the mattress faster and with less effort than with traditional valves.

When it's time to pack up camp, the patent-pending, auto-reversing SpeedValve™ design lets you deflate your mattress almost instantly.

want to know more?

Yielding the best warmth-to-weight ratio of any self-inflating mattress, StrataCore uses a continuous layer of thermal foam nestled between alternating ridges of air and foam.

Therm-a-Rest's proprietary reflective coating radiates heat back to your body and prevents heat loss, saving you energy for tomorrow's adventure.

Patented technology utilises two stacked layers of triangular baffles to create a stable surface while minimising heat loss.

Dependable and easy to use, the TwinLock valve offers a better way to inflate and deflate high volume Therm-a-Rest sleeping mats. The dedicated “IN” and “OUT” valves allow for three times faster inflation or deflation thanks to a one way checked inflate feature, partial twist bleed valve and a lightning quick dump valve.

A single layer of horizontal wave baffles that slows convective heat loss without adding extra bulk.

As dependable and backpack ready as their classic valve, the WingLock valve is as easy to use as a water bottle cap and offers three times the airflow rate of the classic valve. A larger opening and one way check valve allow for easy setup while a simple twist of the wings allows air to escape when it’s time to pull down camp.