PETZL - Simple

SIMPLE, as its name implies, is an easy-to-use caving descender. It can be used with 8.5 to 11 mm diameter low stretch kernmantle ropes. Reduced bulk and low weight simplify progression in narrow passages. The pulleys can be rotated or replaced to prolong the duration of use over time.

• Simple to use:

- Very easy to use; the rate of descent is controlled by varying the grip on the free end of the rope - Installation diagram engraved on the descender
- Safety gate on the openable side plate allows the rope to be installed easily while the device remains connected to the harness, making it easier to pass intermediate anchors
- Elongated connection hole allows the FREINO Z carabiner to be rotated to help prevent dropping the descender when transferred from gear loop to attachment point
- Compatible with 8.5 to 11 mm diameter low stretch kernmantle ropes

• Lightweight and compact:

- Only 240 g
- Includes two aluminum pulleys for reduced weight
- Clean design limits risk of snagging in narrow passages

Lifespan of the device can be optimized by rotating the pulleys or replacing them (D004CA00)

Weight - 0.291 kg

Barcode - 3342540828568

Country of origin - FR

Dgoods - 0

Manufacturer part no - D004AA00

Min order qty - 1

Special order - 0

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