PETZL - Segment Technical Cord

  • Ultra-compact cord with good grip:
    - ultra-compact and lightweight to limit bulk in the kit during long explorations
    - thick, textured sheath offers good grip
    - excellent balance of low stretch and elasticity for efficient ascents
  • Remains flexible over time:
    - EverFlex treatment: special treatment and weave improve the rope's consistency; offers excellent grip and consistent handling over time
    - easy to store in the pack, as the cord dœs not stiffen
    - flexible cord makes it easier to tie and untie knots
  • Excellent weight-to-durability ratio:
    - very light (43 g/m)
    - specific construction with polyester sheath and nylon core offer great durability for the diameter

Weight - 1.5 kg

Barcode - 3342540817050

Country of origin - FR

Dgoods - 0

Manufacturer part no - R076AA00

Min order qty - 1

Special order - 1

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