PETZL - Bucket 15

Simple and durable, the BUCKET 15 rope bag allows you to store up to 45 metres of 11 mm diametre rope. It remains upright and keeps its shape, even when empty, for easy access to the inside of the bag. It has an exterior pocket to store personal items and a marking area to quickly identify the contents of the bag. Its construction of TPU tarp material allows regular to intensive use. 

  • Freestanding rope bag:
    - 15 litres of volume can store up to 45 metres of 11 mm diameter rope
    - Two interior loops make it possible to attach the two rope-ends for quick identification
    - Four interior loops for racking equipment or connecting a TOOLBAG tool pouch
    - Roll top closure to provide optimal protection against moisture
    - Two large, comfortable handles for carrying by hand and hauling up to 50 kg
    - A handle allows for positioning at the workstation
    - External zippered pocket for personal items
    - Marking area on the outside to quickly identify the contents of the bag
  • Excellent durability for intensive use:
    - High-strength TPU (PVC-free) tarp material for regular to intensive use; it is resistant to UV exposure (doesn’t fade), to oil, grease, and high and low temperatures, chlorine-free (no odor), and recyclable
    - Water-resistant fabric
  • Available in three colours (yellow, red and black)

Weight - 0.3 kg

Barcode - 3342540837935

Country of origin - KH

Dgoods - 0

Manufacturer part no - S001AA00

Min order qty - 1

Special order - 0

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