MSR - Trail Mini Solo Cook Set

• MSRs smallest and lightest ultra pack-efficient cook set for soloists. It nests a PocketRocket® 2 stove and 113 gm. MSR fuel canister.
• Weighs just 203 g , keeping pack weight to minimum
• Light, strong hard-anodised aluminium pot, and polypropylene lid and bowl.
• Pots insulated grip allows it to serve as an eating and drinking vessel
• pot lid doubles as a strainer;
•bowl is hot- and cold-safe.
• Includes: 0.75 L hard-anodised aluminium pot, 16 oz. bowl, clear lid with straining ports.

Barcode - 040818103746

Country of origin - KR

Dgoods - 0

Manufacturer part no - 10374

Min order qty - 1

Special order - 0

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