MSR - MSR Snow Picket w/cable

Boasting superior engineering and durability, it features a galvanized steel cable that speeds anchor rigging and easily cuts through snow to leave it undisturbed, creating fast, reliable protection when it counts.
• Affixed Cable: Increases speed and safety of anchor setup; galvanized steel for superior strength and durability.
• Strong: Aircraft-grade aluminum T-beam offers maximum strength with minimum weight.
• Efficient: Sharper drive-end easily penetrates tough snow conditions.
• Durable: Reinforced hammer-end with updated geometry reduces deformation.
• Versatile: Multiple, beveled attachment points for vertical and horizontal placement.
• Weight: 0.45 kg

Barcode - 040818109496

Country of origin - US

Dgoods - 0

Manufacturer part no - 10949

Min order qty - 1

Replaces - X660,06861

Special order - 1

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