MSR - Base Camp Saw

• Powerful cutting efficiency for adventurers building snow camps in the remote reaches of winter.
• Its non-linear cutting profile, innovative two-directional teeth and debris-removing voids combine to offer unrivalled aggressive performance. Light and stiff, this saw collapses its long reach to half its size when folded.
• Laser-cut, two-directional teeth rip snow and ice on each stroke
• Voids remove debris from cutting path
• Light, high-strength 7075 aluminium
• Folds to half its size for ultimate packability
• RF-welded gearprotecting sheath
• Length: 75cm
• Collapsed Size: 45cm
• Weight: 364 grams

Weight - 0.309 kg

Barcode - 040818031537

Country of origin - US

Dgoods - 0

Manufacturer part no - 03153

Min order qty - 1

Special order - 1

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