GSI - Glacier Stainless Boiler

Reflect on the Glacier Stainless Boiler, the unbelievably rugged backpacking basic that's anything but. Thanks to Glacier Stainless steel fire-proof, rust-proof, scout-proof construction, this boiler can really take the heat.
• Ultralight 1.1 liter Boiler weighs just 333 g.
• Integrated nesting for 110 g/230g isoButane fuel canisters and stoves (not included).
• Includes easy to read, internal graduations.
• Convenient folding handle locks into place for cooking and secures entire set for transport.
• Includes mesh stuff sack.
• Material: Stainless Steel
• Dimensions: 13.2 cm x 12.2 cm x 12.5 cm

Barcode - 090497681905

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Manufacturer part no - 68190

Material - Stainless Steel

Min order qty - 1

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Technologies - Glacier Stainless Steel

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