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BUFF® - Cap Pack Bimini NAVY - Solid NAVY

Thanks to its packable design, this cap is highly recommended not only for sunny environments, but also for variable weather conditions. Very easy to fold and store without wrinkling or deforming it works in almost any situation. In addition, its excellent moisture and sweat management make it especially suitable for high intensity activities.

It is UPF50 certified, offering certified protection against UV radiation from the sun's rays, making it suitable for outdoor activities during the hottest months and UV radiation. It also has a layer of UPF50 fabric up to the shoulders, for extended UV protection of the nape and neck.

Made from recycled polyester, it is very light, elastic, and breathable. The soft texture makes it very pleasant to the touch and comfortable to wear while working.

  • Jobs involving prolonged sun exposure, such as gardening, construction, roadwork, agriculture and forestry.
  • Protects the back of the neck against the UV rays wile doing high intensity outdoor works.
  • Ultra-light design; easy to fold and carry.
  • Good Sweat and moisture management.
  • Adjustable elastic strap to adapt the size (57.5 cm–61.5 cm).
  • Laser-cut holes in the area around the ears to enhance hearing.
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