BLUEWATER - 8mm VT Prusik

A solid black version of the 8mm VT for tactical and military applications.

This specialty design features a tough, heat resistant Technora aramid sheath over durable nylon core strands. The core in this kernmantle design keeps the VT from flattening and binding up. A computerised large gauge sewing machine is used to bar tack a devilishly strong stitch with our custom Technora thread. This thread / stitch combination yields superior strength and overall durability. Manufactured in the U.S.A.

The VT Prusik is a versatile open-end Prusik.

Use to tie:
Symmetric Prusik, Asymmetric Prusik (Schwabisch/Distal), Valdotain Tresse, French Prusik

The VT performs well when used for ascending, self-belay while rappelling, as a travelling rope grab, or in conjunction with a Prusik minding pulley in haul systems.

Overall length: 840mm/33″
For use on ropes 8mm – 13mm in diameter

Tensile Strengths:
End to End: 1995 kgs / 19.57 kN
Basket: 2950 kgs / 28.91 kN

Barcode - 732670061288

Country of origin - US

Dgoods - 0

Manufacturer part no - 756860BK

Min order qty - 1

Special order - 1

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