PETZL - Swan Easyfit Steel

Durable, easy-to-use full-body harness for adventure parks.

SWAN EASYFIT STEEL is a full-body harness designed for adventure parks. Colour-coded straps make it easier to put on. Equipped with a FAST LT PIN-LOCK buckle to secure harness fastening; the PIN-LOCK locking system can only be opened by the guide with a special tool. The raised position of the connection point limits the risk of the client flipping. Its durability makes for easy maintenance and extended product life. The single size and identification areas simplify equipment inventory management.

  • Installation on the client is facilitated, thanks to the FAST automatic buckles at the rear of the harness
  • The wide ventral attachment point facilitates installation of the JOKO or AVENTEX lanyards and allows for a quick visual check. The raised position of the attachment point limits the risk of the client flipping.
  • The FAST LT PIN-LOCK automatic waistbelt buckle can only be unlocked with a special tool, limiting the risk of the user opening the buckle

Available individually or Pack of 5.

Weight: 1125 grams

Waist: up to 120cm
Leg Loops:  up to 75cm
Height: up to 200cm

Weight - 1.28 kg

Barcode - 3342540837027

Country of origin - RO

Dgoods - 0

Manufacturer part no - C062AA00

Min order qty - 1

Special order - 1