PETZL - Fall Arrest And Work Positioning Kit

Fall arrest and work positioning kit with VOLT harness, ABSORBICA-Y 150 MGO lanyard, and GRILLON HOOK.

FALL ARREST AND WORK POSITIONING KIT is a ready-to-use kit designed to protect against falls and for positioning at a workstation. It is optimized for work at height requiring connection to metal structures or large-diameter cables and bars. The kit contains a VOLT fall arrest and work positioning harness, a 150 cm ABSORBICA-Y double lanyard with energy absorber and MGO large-opening connectors, a 2-meter GRILLON HOOK adjustable work positioning lanyard, two OK TRIACT-LOCK carabiners, two CAPTIV positioning bars, and a BUCKET bag. It is available in two sizes.

Weight - 5.634 kg

Barcode - 3342540832107

Country of origin - RO

Dgoods - 0

Manufacturer part no - K096AB00

Min order qty - 1

Replaces - I670,K096AA00

Special order - 0