MSR - XPD Heat Exchanger

The Heat Exchanger increases the efficiency of your stoves up to 25%. The unique waffled design channels the heat from the stove up the sides of the pot to increase the heated surface area. When used with liquid fuel stoves, or remote-burner canister stoves like the MSR WindPro(TM) II, it can also act as a wind block because it extends below the pot. Compatible With: Pots 16.8 cm - 18.5 cm in diameter, including the MSR Alpinist 2 cook set, Quick 2 cook set, Ceramic 2.5 L pot, Ceramic 2-Pot set, Alpine 2 pot set and Alpine StowAway 1.6 L pot.
• Weight: 170 g
• To Use: Position the Heat Exchanger around the pot and extend 1.3 cm below the bottom of the pan. Adjust the thumbwheel until the Heat Exchanger fits snugly.

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