MSR - Emergency Home Water Filtration System

Provides clean water in the wake of disaster, using the Thru-Link in-line filter and adapters for easy integration to standard home spigots. • Always Ready: Hermetically sealed packaging protects against the elements for long-term, reliable storage. • Two-Stage Filtration: Hollow fiber membrane removes pathogens, particulate and microplastics; activated carbon reduces chemicals, tastes and odors. • Easy Fit: Fits all standard-threaded outdoor spigots and most utility sinks. • Safe: Rugged ultrasonic-welded ABS housing. Meets NSF protocol P231 for removal of bacteria and protozoa. • Includes: Thru-Link Filter, inlet hose with universal faucet adapter and female quick-connect (CPC), outlet hose with male quick-connect (CPC).

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Manufacturer part no - 13237

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