MAILLON RAPIDE - Plated Steel Square

The HALF ROUND Maillon. Is well-suited to and found most commonly, mounted under a harness Ventral 'D' as an additional attachmnet point for lanyards or devices etc. It can also be used as a tri-point, rigging connector, accommodating 3 Karabiners. Finger tighten for a semi-permenant connection or spanner tighten for a permenant connection. Specifications
• Material: Zinc plated steel
• Diametre: 14 mm
• Weight: 440 g
• Break Load: 1800 kg

Rating: BL 9000Kg; WLL 1800Kg

Weight - 0.44 kg

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Country of origin - FR

Dgoods - 0

Manufacturer part no - MRCZ14.0

Min order qty - 1

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