GSI - Gourmet Griddle

Rugged yet easy-to-clean two-burner-stove griddle. Incorporates thick, heat-conductive aluminium base clad to durable 304/18-8 stainless steel top with recessed, laser-etched pockets of Teflon non-stick coating. The combination reduces hot spots and increases scratch resistance. Designed for use on two or three-burner propane stoves.

• Handles make it easy to lift, move and store.
• Weight: 970 g
• Material: Non-Stick Coated, Stainless Steel, Aluminium Core
• Dimensions: 47.2 cm x 28 cm x 4.8 cm

Barcode - 090497681561

Country of origin - CN

Dgoods - 0

Manufacturer part no - 68156

Min order qty - 4

Special order - 1