GSI - Folding Foon

This amazing little utensil's clever folding form uces the Foon's footprint from 15.5 cm in use, to less than 10 cm for storage in a shirt pocket, the corner of a cookset, under a fuel canister or in some other, little, unused nook. • Functions as both a fork and spoon. • Clever folding design compacts to just under 10 cm long, but extends and locks to become a 15.5 cm utensil. • Fits neatly under a fuel canister. • Colour-coded to coordinate with other nFORM Ultralight and Crossover items. • Rugged acetal bowl and stainless steel handle. • Material: Acetal, Stainless Steel • Length: 15.5 cm (collapses to 9.4 cm) • Two colours: Blue or Orange

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Manufacturer part no - 72117

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