CMI - Hi Roller Edge Protector

An all ball bearing solution to an age old problem. The first edgeroller to utilize rollers turning on sealed ball bearings for incredibly smooth rope pulls and the least amount of friction possible. This low profile unit is 2 ¼" tall, which allows litters to be easily raised over the unit and will provide a smooth and stable pull of ropes over various types of edges. Because of its length (22 ¼"), it can be rigged over 90 degree building edges, boulders, cliffs, and many other applications. It may also be wrapped around steel beams and have the ends secured with carabiners. The unit folds up into a 7" cube for easy storage and deployment. The sideplates are manufactured of a high strength aluminium alloy.

Weight - 0.908 kg

Barcode - 000194356204

Dgoods - 0

Manufacturer part no - EDGE

Min order qty - 1

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