GSI - 2 Can Cooler Stack

Note: Suitable for 340ml cans (i.e. Craft Beer etc) NOT standard 375ml AU Cans

Why bring one warm can of your favourite beverage along when you can bring two cold without lugging around a heavy cooler and ice? Durable and insulated, the 2 Can Cooler Stack will keep your tasty beverages cold for hours. Go head, share a cold one with your hiking buddy. Why? Because now you can.

  • Designed to keep multiple beverages cold without lugging around a heavy cooler and ice.
  • Double insulated can cooler holds two 340m/12oz cans of your favourite liquid
  • Long-lasting double-wall insulation delivers 18 hours of cold retention without freezing your hands or leaving condensation rings
  • Perfect travel cooler for frisbee golf, fishing, golfing, camping, picnic, etc.
  • Screw on lid holds cans securely in place.
  • Rugged stainless steel construction will last for years.
  • BPA, PFOA and Phthalate-free
Barcode - 090497634116

Country of origin - CN

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Manufacturer part no - 63414

Min order qty - 1

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