Have you tried the new Petzl ePPEcentre? its free till 31/12!

December 18, 2023

Have you tried the new Petzl ePPEcentre? its free till 31/12!


Petzl have just launched their new ePPEcentre (pronounced epicentre 🇬🇧/ˈep.ɪ.sen.tər/ 🇺🇸/ˈep.ə.sen.t̬ɚ/) to simplify PPE Inspection and Maintenance. ePPEcentre will work via browser or app on either Apple or Android devices, links later in the post.

We've had a play using the iPhone App and just the phone camera to scan the datamatrix barcode on some items of equipment and it worked as expected. This is ideal for a small user or individual.

If you were a larger organisation, a scanner (cabled or Bluetooth)  attached to a PC or Mac using the browser based system would probably be quicker and more efficient for doing kits of gear. But even better... you can import a file with all your gear to get started, and Petzl provide a template to fill out to do a bulk import.

The best bit about the app is that you can use the dashboard on the home page to get an overview of your PPE with one glance: see the current number of products organised by status, as well as the number of PPE inspections that are due in the coming days, weeks, and months. You can effectively get rid of all those folders of inspection logs! At a product level, you can see a product's entire history starting from date of manufacture.

You can also group products by 'tag', this could be a kit number, employee name, equipment type or all of the above - making sorting and finding gear easy.

Petzl ePPEcentre Product screen page


Depending on how large your business is and how its structured, will determine which 'plan' you need. Please note that all plans are free until the end of December 2023 and from January a 45-day trial will exist, so that you can test it out before purchase. Here's a bit of a breakdown of the membership plan levels, we will mention that the term 'park' is used by Petzl, in reality you could substitute that to also mean location/office/business unit/etc:


perfect for individuals/self-employed rope techs wanting to maintain their own logs, or a small organisation with one park(location) with under 250 pieces of equipment.


small organisations or organisations with a central warehouse for equipment - users with one park(location) and unlimited gear. Ideally you manage PPE for just your organisation. You will also have access to three profiles types: administrator, inspector, viewer to manage the park.


larger companies that where you manage PPE for multiple different organisations and sites and have unlimited gear. You will have access to four profiles: administrator, manager, inspector, viewer.

All plans are priced in Euro or US Dollars at this point in time and more information on pricing and membership packages is available at petzl.com.

Give it a try today, it just may make your life simpler and save on some paper! You'll also always have your equipment logs with you as long as you have your phone on you! Did we mention you can also log non-Petzl products too!

Download the web version at https://eppecentre.petzl.com/

or app store   google play