Petzl SAXO AQUA Recall

October 01, 2002

Petzl SAXO AQUA Recall

** recall is now closed **

This Recall dates from August 2002, and does not affect products purchased after September 2002.

Recent testing has shown that gaseous emissions from defective batteries may cause the Saxo Aqua to explode, presenting a risk of injury to the user. A gas absorber (catalyst) installed in the bulb holder can eliminate this risk.

To replace the original bulb holder with the new bulb holder fitted with the gas absorber, you may:

• Return your lamp to the place of purchase, where the necessary modifications will be made free of charge.


• Replace the bulb holder yourself: order it by emailing

It is very easy to make the change. Instructions for replacement are included with the replacement part. Alternatively, send your lamp directly to:

Reply Paid 44
Saxo Aqua Recall

Don’t forget to include your return address!
It will be returned to you as soon as possible. The replacement bulb holders are supplied free of charge.

Please note: batteries must be removed for long-lasting storage and transport. Please refer to the technical notice supplied with the product.