Petzl ASTRO Strap Keepers

December 20, 2018

Petzl ASTRO Strap Keepers

** this alert is now closed - new models ship with grippers **

Petzl has been advised by some training centres, that there is a sliding effect on the ASTRO ventral adjustment buckles.

After investigation, Petzl has reported:

  • ASTRO harnesses have been equipped with aluminium buckles, specially designed to remain smooth during adjustment in a dirty environment.
  • In a clean environment (such as a training centre), with intensive use, it was observed that the product could slide easily. This sliding has only been observed in training centres, where the webbing remains clean even after multiple uses.

The solution, if you are still getting slippage even after stowing the free end of the webbing under the fitted elastic keeper, is to add a silicone keeper to the harness. If you require the silicone keepers, please complete the Request Form on

For information and instructions on how to fit the Silicone Keeper, please check the Petzl website - CLICK HERE.

To lodge a Request for these silicone keepers, please fill out the form on the Petzl Australia website - CLICK HERE.