September 02, 2020


IKO - The Headlamp Reinvented

Petzl’s main objective over the years has always been to provide the best visibility possible whenever the user, camper, or athlete ventures into the dark. This approach is what led Petzl to break the mould of how a headlamp is made and what it can do.

  • What if a headlamp was both high-performance and lightweight?
  • Comfortable and well-balanced?
  • Versatile and inventive?

Conceived after months of research, testing, brainstorming, and innovating, the IKO headlamp, little by little, began to see the light. 

Petzl designers and engineers had free rein to revolutionise the relationship between the user and their headlamp. At first, the prototype proved a real challenge to mass produce: one of the major barriers to overcome between design and manufacturing. However, instead of focusing on how to change the design to make mass production easy, Petzl took the time to perfect the manufacturing process for the best design.

When the fruit of your imagination takes shape… Darkness becomes an opportunity! Watch this video for a glimpse of how IKO headlamps are designed.