June 13, 2024


Please be aware that, industry wide, there is an increase in spam emails purporting to be from suppliers such as us demanding payment for overdue invoices from retail stores.

Please be aware that all our accounts related emails will come from our accounts email address and will reference your Spelean Debtor Code and we will never ask you to click a link to pay.

Please look out for tell tail signs of scams, such as:

  • If you do not recognise the invoice numbers,
  • the sender and/or reply-to email address is not at spelean.com.au,
  • the address/signature does not look official or like our normal emails,
  • there is a link asking for payment or requesting payment be made to a new account

Please be assured we have not been 'hacked', these sorts of elaborate scams are created using technology that scrapes websites for email addresses and then uses this email to send to you. Other times the email may be associated with the domain name itself, or sometimes they guess common emails used like info@ or sales@ your domain name. They also use AI to compile lists of possible customers that may deal with us; for instance "where to buy" maps and listings, directory listings, brands you sell online, etc. This is why the information contained in the email is generic i.e. Dear Sir or Dear Customer and From Accounts Dept, and contain no actual account information.

If you are at all suspicious about any email from us, please always call (02) 9966 9800 or email our accounts team directly and query it.