Tim Cope

October 11, 2018

Tim Cope

Tim Cope -National Geographic Adventure Honoree 2007, Australian Adventurer of the year 2006.

Tim is from Gippsland, Victoria, and is pursuing a life of adventure, writing, and film. Tim, who speaks fluent Russian, and guides in Siberia, and Mongolia, has spent the best part of a decade travelling Russia, Mongolia, and Central Asia by bicycle, row boat, skis, horse, camel and many other means. Most of all Tim enjoys coming to know people in their home environments by traveling in traditional and local ways. His most renowned journey was a three and a half year odyssey from Mongolia to Hungary by horse on the trail of Genghis Khan and in the spirit of the nomads of the steppe. Upon return from every experience Tim has been motivated to take his personal discoveries to schools, organisations and community groups through the medium of lectures, film and articles. Over time this has become his profession with the writing of books, articles, and professional presentations.

Tim is a Brand Ambassador for Therm-A-Rest, Platypus, MSR and Petzl.