MSR - Reactor 1.7L Stove System

The original Reactor® system. Perfect for 2-3 people, big enough to melt snow but compact enough for any trip. *
• The REACTOR is entirely new technology in that the burner has two modes of heat transfer, convective AND radiant. This allows superior performance in all conditions.
• Highly efficient: 1.7L pot with integral heat exchanger that reduces heat loss & cooking times.
• Boils 1L of water in under 3 minutes in real world conditons.
• Wind stable: The burner is totally enclosed by the heat exchanger for total wind protection.
• Fuel efficient: An internal pressure regulator equalises the fuel pressure in the cannister allowing constant flame output regardless of temperature or the amount of fuel in the cannister.

Barcode - 040818112052

Country of origin - US

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Manufacturer part no - 11205

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