BUFF® - Headband DryFlx® - R-Black

DryFlx® Headband. Ultralight and seamless DryFlx® headband created for running and high intensity activities. Thanks to its 360º reflective design, this tech headband is perfect to enjoy night or early morning outdoor action in the city with improved security. Extremely breathable and stretchable, it provides quick drying and extra warmth. 

  • Made from 72% recycled plastic bottles and car airbags.
  • Ultrastretch technology: 4-way stretch for best fit and top comfort.
  • Reflective 360° design for high visibility and improved security.

Weight - 19.0 kg

Barcode - 8428927346902

Country of origin - ES

Dgoods - 0

Manufacturer part no - 118098.999.10.00

Min order qty - 1

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