The BUFF® Chic Collection is a little bit fancier than the normal range, it's for those BUFF® lovers that want dress up their BUFF® products - its BUFF® meets luxury!

Chic items may include a beautiful Rhinestone Buff logo to add just a touch of glamour to your BUFF® and your outfit. 

Chic items may have a luxurious Knit finish that makes them a piece of fashion clothing rather than outdoor apparel but still retain all the BUFF® tech and features just in a stylish package.

In essence, all BUFF® Chic pieces are high-quality garments able to provide protection from the elements in style with the look. 

Join the adventure in your best style. The Chic Collection is designed for those who care about every single detail on their looks. Classic BUFF® attitude with an elegant twist: style, look and high-quality garments.