February 04, 2021


Covering our faces on the way to work, while shopping or going for a run has become a common sight in cities worldwide. Daily life looks different, but we got you covered: Introducing the BUFF® Filter Mask – Filter tested 98% Bacterial Filtration Efficiency, adjustable comfort for your Peace of mind. Replaceable 3-Layer Filter in a lightweight, ergonomic mask, lets you breathe freely while you enjoy life.

How to Wear

The new BUFF® Filter Mask is designed for lightweight wearing comfort while offering the filter 98%* Bacterial Filtration Efficiency. With the elastic bands the face mask is adjustable on the back of the head for individual fit and avoiding pressure point around the ears.

Quality, replaceable Filter

Made from three combined layers the filter offers 98% Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) and excellent breathability. Packed in a clean room in Germany . Manufactured by Ahlstrom-Munksjö to fit the specific BUFF® Filter Mask design, this single use filter is glue and latex-free. Replacement Filter Packs will be available.

Technology Meets Design 

  • Lightweight, reusable mask made from CoolNet UV+®
  • Replaceable Filter offering 98% bacterial Filtration Efficiency
  • HeiQ Viroblock fabric treatment applied to inside pocket
  • Adjustable all-day comfort with excellent breathability
  • Adult and Kids sizes available

Important notes about the use of non-medical grade masks and COVID-19.

While wearing the BUFF® Filter Mask, does it protect me against COVID-19? 

The BUFF® Filter Mask acts as a physical barrier to reduce the spread of larger droplets resulting from talking and/or coughing by the wearer when used correctly, providing the filter 98% filtration efficiency and high breathability. Also wearing the Buff® Filter Mask may help to limit touching of the mouth and nose. However, the BUFF® Filter Mask is not certified as a medical device or personal protective equipment. There is no scientific evidence that community/non-medical face masks are an effective means of respiratory protection for the wearer of the mask.

While wearing the BUFF® Filter Mask, does it protect others from me against COVID-19?

BUFF® Filter Mask plays a somewhat similar role as a physical barrier to reduce the spread of larger droplets resulting from talking and/or coughing by the wearer when used correctly. The filter meets the performance requirements of the harmonised standard EN 14683:2019 + AC, with regard to Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE%) and Differential Pressure (Pa/cm²) (Breathability), obtaining the Type I and II classification. However, the BUFF® Filter Mask is not certified as a medical device or personal protective equipment.

In essence a non-medical grade mask will stop you spreading any droplets to others and will reduce the amount of touch contact you make with your own face, but it is not a certified protective device.



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