New Zealand

Spelean is proud to support some amazing local athletes who are as passionate about their role in the outdoors and their love of quality gear, as we are.

Andrew Hedgman

Andrew was born June 30, 1987, and found his passion for running in high school, and broke records and regularly won races against much older students. It wasn't until his PE teacher, Ava Meek, challenged him to run a marathon that he found his true calling in long distance running. After finishing high school, Andrew took a break from running to pursue other adventures. Andrew is a licensed scuba diver and skydiver. In 2008, he decided to shake the dust off his running shoes and get back into it. And get back into it he has! Andy is a Brand Ambassador for BUFF® and Petzl.

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Roman Hofmann

Roman is one of our climbing Ambassadors, he's a motivated Australian climber and boulderer whose motto is "The Future is Now". Roman has travelled both around Australia and the world pushing his climbing and filming it. Here's Roman on 'Who's a Naughty Boy', The Grampians, Grade 31 (8b). Roman is a Brand Ambassador for Petzl and BlueWater.

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Matt Cooper

Matt is an accomplished ultra mountain runner, with 100 mile mountain records in Australia and highest ranking Australian athlete in the 100 mile distance internationally. Matt is also a coach, with over 10 years of performance coaching athletes to achieve mastery in their chosen sport, Matt's specific focus is on Visualisation, Energy control and Deep rest/recovery.

Matt's methodology of focusing on the athletes visual performance, energy and recovery definitely speaks for itself in results. Matt is a Brand Ambassador for Petzl and BUFF®.

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Luke Hansen

Luke is another of our climbing brand ambassadors, and spends many an hour hanging out with Roman at the crags here and abroad. Luke is a Brand Ambassador for BlueWater and Petzl.

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Tim Cope

Tim Cope -National Geographic Adventure Honoree 2007, Australian Adventurer of the year 2006 - is a 39 year old from Gippsland, Victoria, who is pursuing a life of adventure, writing, and film. Tim, who speaks fluent Russian, and guides in Siberia, and Mongolia, has spent the best part of a decade travelling Russia, Mongolia, and Central Asia by bicycle, row boat, skis, horse, camel and many other means. Most of all Tim enjoys coming to know people in their home environments by traveling in traditional and local ways. His most renowned journey was a three and a half year odyssey from Mongolia to Hungary by horse on the trail of Genghis Khan and in the spirit of the nomads of the steppe. Upon return from every experience Tim has been motivated to take his personal discoveries to schools, organisations and community groups through the medium of lectures, film and articles. Over time this has become his profession with the writing of books, articles, and professional presentations. Tim is a Brand Ambassador for Therm-A-Rest, Platypus, MSR and Petzl.

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Sarah Connor

It started out as a way to keep my mental 'elf in check. Now its a challenge.

I have been running ultras since 2012, but running has been a big part of my life since I was a teenager.

I'm never going to be the fastest person on the course, but that's not my aim. I run because I still can. Sarah is a Brand Ambassador for BUFF® and Petzl.

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Julie Cutbush

I'm a mad keen ultra runner. I love running through forests and discovering new places and the fun people you meet along the way. I'm happiest in the mountains although I love all bush trails. Running gives me some time out and a chance to recover from my life which includes a job and family (3 kids, 2 dogs, 2 cats and 3 chickens). Although I only did my first ultra event in 2016, I've been running through the forest since I was 8 years old and started going orienteering with my folks which has taken me all over the world. Now I'm exploring the world through trail running. So far I have done races in New Zealand, Australia and did a lap around Mont Blanc through France, Switzerland and Italy.

This year I'm returning to Chamonix to run from Chamonix to Zermatt (the Haute route) with Run the Alps. I'm looking to seeing lots more great places on this awesome trail running journey. Julie is a Brand Ambassador for BUFF® and Petzl.

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Allie Pepper

Allie Pepper has been a qualified outdoor leader since 1999 with years of experience instructing in Australia and guiding expeditions in South America and the Himalaya. Her personal mountaineering achievements include ascents of many high altitude peaks in the Andes and three 8000m summits in the Himalaya including Mt Everest in 2011. In 2007 she scaled to the summit of her first 8000m mountain Cho Oyu in Tibet, on her own and without the use of supplementary oxygen. On her days days off she enjoys trail running, back country skiing, rock climbing and ice climbing. Allie is always training for her next big mountain adventure. Allie is a Brand Ambassador for Petzl.

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