In February, 2005, CMI became compliant with the ISO 9001 Standard (2000 edition) for quality management systems, the most recognized standard in the industry.


CMI Ascenders have long held the reputation of being the strongest, most reliable ascenders available. The new ergonomically designed safety mechanism is integrated into the handle channel for maximum ease of use. The new thumb notch in the cam simplifies full cam retraction. The moulded handgrip on the Ultra gives maximum comfort on long hauls.

The new coating process on the cam gives increased corrosion protection, and superior wear characteristics. So good in fact that CMI gives a lifetime "Wear-out" guarantee on the cams. If you ever wear one out, we'll replace it FREE.

Ultra Mini (left) weight 180gm.  Ultra (right) weight 270gm.

CMI Expedition Ascender

An extremely strong open sided ascender machined from solid aircraft aluminium with a heat treated stainless steel cam. The unit will accommodate ropes from 10¬Ýmm to 13¬Ýmm diameter. The special safety catch design prevents accidental opening. This new design has an extra large and comfortable handgrip to suit gloved hands.


Rescue Pulley RP102

Black aluminium side cheeks, 60 mm aluminium sheave, sintered bronze bushing, and stainless steel axle, for up to 16mm ropes. Rated to 2700kg.  (left top)

Double End Pulley RP111

Similar to above. Rated to 3860kg. (left bottom)

Rescue Pulley SS RP104

Stainless steel side plates, Aluminium sheave and sealed needle bearing. Rated to 3860kg. (right top)

CMI "Cable Able" Pulley RC102

For use on steel cables, has a steel sheave, sintered bronze bushing, and stainless steel axle. Ideal for Ropes Courses etc. Weight 320gm. Rated to 2700kg.  (right bottom)

Micro Rescue Pulley

Purple Anodized aluminium side cheeks, 30 mm aluminium sheave, sintered bronze bushing, for up to 11mm ropes. Rated to 3180kg. Also available in a double pulley.

Micro Hauler/Double

A double pulley is mated to a remotely triggered retractable brake. When rigged with the matching color coded companion pulley it serves as the core of a simple four-to-one mechanical advantage system. Easy to set up, easy to store and easy to use, the entire system can be pre-rigged and stored for quick deployment when seconds count. Measuring only 15cm end to end. Handles up to 13mm rope. Also available as a Single. Rated to 3000kg.

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